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Electrical Programs

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Electrical Installation - 100 Hours


If you're interested in learning about electrical work but don't want to commit a significant amount of time from your personal life, the 100-hour class could be the perfect choice for you. Whether you're a homeowner seeking to acquire essential electrical maintenance skills or someone looking to explore an interest in the electrical field, this course will be worthwhile for you. 


Our aim is to offer focused and impactful instruction by condensing the electrical training into a shorter duration. This approach ensures that you receive the most essential knowledge needed in an efficient manner. Additionally, our quick-paced training, shorter time commitment, and flexible schedules are designed to make it easier for you to pursue your goal while managing your busy life.

Course Description:

Classes are offered in the morning, evening or weekend schedules which you can finish in 1-2 month.  Course subjects include various electrical wiring methods commonly used in the industry, such as non-metallic sheathed cable, armored cable, metal-clad cable, and electrical metallic tubing. You will also learn how to hook up different devices like switches, receptacles, and sensors, as well as study electrical code (NEC), pipe bending, electrical calculations, and safety procedures. 

Class Schedule:

Morning: 9:00AM - 2:00PM, Monday - Friday, 4 weeks duration

Evening: 6:00PM - 10:00PM, Monday - Friday, 5 weeks duration

Weekend: 10:00AM - 4:15PM, Saturday & Sunday, 8 weeks duration

Electrical Installation - 600 Hours


To become an electrician, your first step is to start as an electrical helper or apprentice. Our 600-hour electrical training program is the ideal option for you if you have a strong desire to enter the field of electrical work. The 600-hour course provides a challenging curriculum that comprehensively covers essential and real-world electrical subjects. Throughout the electrical hands-on training via our numerous projects, you will gain crucial practical experience to be job-ready.

Course Description:

The 600-Hour Electrical Installation course is a program that spans approximately 20 or 30 weeks, or about 5 or 7 months. This comprehensive course covers both theoretical principles and practical hands-on training. Students will initially gain a solid foundation in theory, including topics such as safety, tools, and Ohm's law calculations. They will then progress to learning how to design, wire, and install various electrical applications in appropriate settings. Through a combination of classroom education, practical training, and simulated real-world settings, you will gain the knowledge and self-assurance required to pursue a career in electrical work

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be qualified to work as entry-level Electrician Apprentices or Electrical Helpers. Potential career paths include roles in residential, commercial, or industrial construction, maintenance and repair, or positions with large electricity and energy-related companies. Graduates are advised to consult their local state or country licensing bureaus to understand specific licensing requirements.

Class Schedule:

Morning: 9:00AM - 3:00PM, Monday - Friday, 5-month duration

Evening: 6:00PM - 10:00PM, Monday - Friday, 7-month duration

Job Placement Assistance:

Job placement assistance is offered to the 600-hour program graduates. Such services includes:

  • Developing resumes

  • Contacting companies for job openings

  • Forwarding complete student resumes based on job descriptions

Note: No school can guarantee jobs after graduation, but we will do our best to help our graduates.

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Why choose us?

Electrical installation is a fantastic career choice with many advantages. One of the best parts is that there's always a high demand for skilled electricians, which means job security and plenty of opportunities. You get to work in diverse environments, like homes, offices, and construction sites, making each day interesting and exciting. The best part? It's hands-on work, so if you enjoy practical tasks and using tools, this field is perfect for you. Plus, you'll always be learning and growing because the industry is always evolving. The pay is competitive, and there are options for specialization and career progression. You could even start your own business someday. Just make sure to get the right training and certifications, and you'll be on your way to a rewarding and fulfilling career as an electrician.

If you have a strong interest in electricity and desire to launch a lucrative career in the electrical industry, New York Career & Business School is the right place to go. As a premier education institute in Ridgewood, Queens, we are committed to offering thorough training courses to aspirant electrical helpers and apprentices. We are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in this dynamic area, and we do it with the help of our knowledgeable faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and hands-on learning style. Become a student at New York Career & Business School today to realize your full potential in the electrical industry.

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